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We think the purpose of life is to be useful , to be responsible , to be honourable , to be compassionate . It is afterall to matter , to count , to stand for something , to have made some difference that you liked at all.

These are the guiding principles for all activities of our School career guidance – Resource persons for HT Pace / NIE are also invited to address students especially from VIII-X on how to choose a career and various opportunities available.

Regular counseling of the students and parents with suggestions for modification in the immediate environment , building self esteem of the students are also done.


The computer department of the School takes pride in being at the helm of all departmental and school programmes . The computer department has included skill building packages like

MS-Word , MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint , MS – Paint , MS-Excess and web page designing packages like HTML into the curriculum thus making it more meaningful.


Remedial Classes

Remedial classes  stress  the basics in a subject such as
English, Hindi, Maths, Science & Social Science. They are useful in helping  students who are having problems with  advanced  concepts.

The School offers  remedial  classes  for the students  so that they can cope up with the students.

Technology in Teaching

In this digital age when our students intuitively take to technology and different gadgets for social networking and sharing of ideas , it is only natural that we extend this aspect into the classroom learning as well .

In collaboration with Teach Next education the school provides smart boards for an exciting and highly effective learning experience that can go beyond the level of education. It encompasses a wide range of educational experiences and practices. Therefore the introduction of ‘smart boards’, an interactive whiteboard , has given a new dimension to learning among the kids of today .


As English is the medium of education , other languages are also taught including Hindi , Sanskrit and French.


‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ these words inspire the Art department of our School towards greater creativity.

It also prepare the students for various competitions , and ‘dressing up’ the School for various functions kept on our toes .

School organizes ART AND CRAFT MELA to bring out the creativity of the students in best possible way.

On different occasions all sorts of subjects decorate the display boards of the School.


“Coming into contact with a good book and possessing it is an everlasting enrichment of life”.

The library is the heart of any educational system .

It is the most adaptable invention for conveying knowledge and acts as a chain of communication between generations.

The School provides a wide variety of books to create a curiosity among the children to go through it and also encouraged them to consult different encyclopedia , world books , general knowledge books, books on quotations , science magazines etc.


Physical Education is an important part of the modern concept of compete and sound education. It not only introduces fun and recreation but also breaks monotonous METHOD of academics .

Here at VPS, we make an attempt to inculcate the love for sports and also help the students to develop team spirit ,co-operation and courage through ‘Annual Sports Meet’ every year with the SLOGAN “ Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” . We train the students in Kho-Kho , Cricket , Basket – ball, Throw ball, March past , Badminton, Football, Skating  to make them physically fit and mentally alert . Certain principles of leading a healthy life style , hygiene and safety are also a part of our teaching programme . Group leaders are made from Class V-X to work on these programmes on regular basis.


Another highlight of our School are the classes for Yoga and Taekwando from class Prep-X.

We want our children not only to go a long way in improving the physical fitness but to teach valuable lessons in self defence.

The students are also graded every year with certificates and belts like yellow , orange on the basis of their performance.


R.O water purifier and CCTV camera

are some of the other facilities that have been added in the recent past.